Virtual exhibition "Mário Soares: Patron of the College of Europe"

As a tribute to this academic year's Patron Mário Soares, the College of Europe created an exhibition in the foyer room of the Paul-Henri Spaak Building at Dijver with a huge contribution of the Mário Soares Foundation. But there's more: on Monday 12 October 2020, the Mário Soares Foundation (FMS) launched a digital platform about the role of Mário Soares for the affirmation of the European project. 

The website Mário Soares and Europe brings together essential and unpublished content to deepen the knowledge about Mário Soares' action and legacy in the defence and consolidation of democratic values in the European context. Through this portal, it is possible to visit the virtual exhibition “Mário Soares: Patron of College of Europe; explore documents, photographs and videos from the Mário Soares Archive; discover the main moments of Mário Soares’ life and his European journey; and to get to know the vast and diverse work published by our Patron, in particular his texts on Europe.

The digital platform is the result of a fruitful partnership between the College of Europe, the Portuguese Government and the Mário Soares Foundation. Do you want to find out more about the life of a true Europeanist and builder of the European Union? Then you should definitely explore the Mário Soares virtual exhibition

Watch the Mário Soares film created by the Mário Soares Foundation: