El-Hiwar Summer School 2024

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Please fill all the sections of the application in English. Mandatory fields are market with a *.

In order to be considered, applications must be complete and received by 23:59:59 CEST on 24 June 2024. We recommend submitting your application well ahead of the deadline in order to avoid facing any potential technical issues.

Type of organisation
Please upload your CV in a PDF format. The CV should specify your language proficiencies as well as your professional experience.
One file only.
32 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.
Please briefly describe relevant information, maximum of 200 words.
Please indicate here why you are applying to the Summer School, maximum of 300 words.
Explain a proposal – policy recommendation, project, etc. - which you would like to put forward. If selected, this will be the basis of a policy brief or project proposal to be prepared during the Summer School): [please write down your idea here, maximum of 500 words.

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The data collected and stored by the College of Europe is only that which is necessary for the organization of the course, i.e.: application to the course, inclusion in the list of participants, distribution of information about the El-Hiwar Project if selected above, etc. The rest of the provided information will be stored for seven years for administrative purposes and auditing. In some circumstances, the data may be processed by a third party as required for the roll-up of the project (European Commission, etc).

During the roll-out of this course, photographs, audio and video recording of speakers and participants may be taken by the College of Europe. They may be reproduced on various media outlets and products, including College of Europe publications, the College of Europe website, social media, and other platforms, in connection with the event or for further institutional purposes such as promotional and marketing activities of the College of Europe. Participants are invited to fill in a consent form at the beginning of the course, to clarify if they agree/ prefer not to be part in pictures and videos.

Please note that the training materials as well as the opinions expressed by the participants and trainers, and pictures and videos taken of them during the rollout of the course cannot be copied or reproduced in any form without the expressed consent of the involved trainers and participants. Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to address the Course Team.

You have the right to know if your data is being processed and to require the College of Europe to consult, rectify, restrict and/or delete your data. To exercise your rights, you can contact the College of Europe either in writing or by e-mail:

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