05 fév 2021

"The College of Europe Talks" with Giovanna PANCHERI, Italian TV Journalist (Sky TG24) and College alumna

A partir de 16:30 till 16:30

8000 Bruges


On Friday 5 February 2021, Ms Federica MOGHERINI, Rector of the College of Europe, hosted the fifth talk in the series of online conversations The College of Europe Talks between prominent guests and students of the College of Europe (Bruges and Natolin).

The guest of the fifth College of Europe Talks was Ms Giovanna PANCHERI, Italian TV Journalist (Sky TG24) and College alumna

Ms Giovanna PANCHERI told our students and viewers that she had her first journalistic experience at the College of Europe, as a European Politics student of the Montesquieu Promotion 2004-2005. Her year at the College in Bruges helped her to become a EU correspondent in Brussels and to understand how the EU institutions work from the inside. "The College prepares you to become the best in your field of expertise."

As a US Correspondent for Sky TG24, Giovanna PANCHERI was a privileged witness to the recent US presidential election campaign and inauguration of the 46th President Joe Biden. As a journalist, based in Brussels but active in Washington, she was also able to estimate the impact of the COVID pandemic on the outcome of the US Elections. Ms PANCHERI published the book American New Birth: Donald Trump’s Nation and Joe Biden’s Challenge and shared her recently written insights and experiences during a one hour online conversation with our audience.  

Rector Federica MOGHERINI and our students were eager to hear from our prominent guest how she sees the future of the United States and how the US Foreign Policy (relationship with the EU and attitude towards China, Iran and Russia) will evolve after the Trump presidency and administration. Giovanna PANCHERI also tackled the important role of activism and engagement of young people and minorities. Our CoE alumna stressed that the participation of youth and young voters prove the health of a nation and democracy. 






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