24 oct 2019

GCLC-FTAO Conference: "Sustainability and Competition Policy: Bridging two Worlds to Enable a Fairer Economy"

A partir de 09:00 till 18:30

European Committee of the Regions - room JDE 52
Rue Belliard 99-101
1040 Brussels

We are pleased to invite you to the joint conference co-organised by the Global Competition Law Centre, Fair Trade Advocacy Office, University College London, European Economic and Social Committee and European Committee of the Regions entitled "Sustainability and Competition Policy: Bridging two worlds to enable a fairer economy".

This conference will explore how competition policy can give weight to sustainability values and avoid being seen as a barrier to industry initiatives intended to deliver sustainability objectives. Following the keynote address, the program will explore the current controversies around the consumer welfare standard. The conference will then hear from industry experts about the obstacles they face when designing sustainability projects. Subsequently, several competition agencies will share insights on how one may factor non-price values into competition assessments. The conference will further explore the need for an antitrust exemption for sustainability, or other means of accommodating such goals within the antitrust framework of analysis. It will then close with a discussion of ways to overcome disciplinary boundaries and to enable economic agents to implement sustainability initiatives.

The event takes place on 24 October 2019, at the European Committee of the Regions (Jacques Delors Building – JDE 52, Rue Belliard 99/101, Brussels).

Opening Keynote Address by Commissioner Margrethe VESTAGER.

Confirmed speakers include:  Jon BAKER, Tembinkosi BONAKELE, Alec BURNSIDE, Cristina CAFFARRA, Kevin COATES, Anna GERBRANDY, Simon HOLMES, Maria JASPERS, Lina KHAN, Suzanne KINGSTON, Ioannis LIANOS, Andreas MUNDT, Damien NEVEN, Maarten Pieter SCHINKEL, Ben SMULDERS, Martijn SNOEP, Geert VAN CALSTER.


The event is free of charge. Please register only if you are committed to attend.


The event is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

For more information please contact info.gclc@coleurope.eu


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