Global Competition Law Centre

The Global Competition Law Centre (GCLC) of the College of Europe aims at promoting cutting-edge research in competition law and economics.

Unlike traditional research centres, the GCLC is not a brick and mortar organization. It has no physical presence on the campus of the College of Europe. It disseminates ideas and promotes research through its website. In addition, the GCLC benefits from a large network of competition professionals, built through the organization of regular activities in Europe and elsewhere.

Since its inception in January 2004, the GCLC has gained credentials as a high level discussion forum for academics, practitioners, and enforcement officers in the competition field across the world.

The GCLC regularly organizes conferences, publishes books and hosts a working papers series. In addition, the GCLC awards a yearly prize for the best dissertation in competition law and policy written at the College of Europe.


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Forthcoming events:



Recent events:

11th GCLC Annual Conference: The Notion of Restriction of Competition: Revisiting the Foundations of Antitrust enforcement in Europe, Brussels, 1/2 February 2016.




78th GCLC Lunch Talk:

The Legal Status of Rebates after PostDanmark II, Brussels, 30 October 2015. Speakers: Nicholas Khan, Legal Service, European Commission; Pablo Imanez-Colomo, London School of Economics. Moderator: Denis Waelbroeck, Ashurst LLP.



GCLC-King's College Half-Day Conference: Capacity Mechanisms in Europe. The Fundamental issues behind the ongoing sector inquiry, Brussels, 28 September 2015.

Presentation C. Batlle

Presentation J. Carstairs

Presentation R. Cohen

Presentation M. Hogan

Presentation F. Roques

Presentation A. Villa



77th GCLC Lunch Talk:

Competition Enforcement in the Time of Big Data: Myths and Realities, Brussels, 14 September 2015. Speakers: Sophie Moonen, DG COMP, European Commission; Miranda Cole, Covington; Matthew Bennett, CRA. Moderator: Damien Gerard, GCLC.


76th GCLC Lunch Talk:

Seven Years of Settlement Decisions: an appraisal after the TIMAB judgment, Brussels, 29 June 2015. Speakers: Flavio Laina, DG COMP, European Commission; Stephen Spinks, Sidley Austin LLP. Moderator: Denis Waelbroeck, Arshurst LLP.



75th GCLC Lunch Talk:

The E-Commerce Sector Inquiry: What, Why and How?, Bruxelles, 22 mai 2015. Speakers: Thomas KRAMLER, DG COMP, Commission Européenne; James Webber, Shearman & Sterling




On behalf of the GCLC and in particular of the members of the Executive Committee, I am pleased to announce the appointment of a new management team.
Damien Gerard will take over as new Director of the GCLC shortly after the summer break, as soon as his appointment is approved by the College of Europe’s Academic Council, and Bettina Volpi has been appointed as Executive Secretary effective as 15 June 2014, succeeding to respectively Nicolas Petit and Tarik Hennen.
The GCLC is convinced that the new team will successfully continue the excellent work performed by the previous team and bring the GCLC to new frontiers.
The GCLC is very grateful to Nicolas Petit and Tarik Hennen for their tremendous contribution and their commitment. Nicolas will continue to be associated to GCLC activities in the future.
Looking forward to seeing you soon on the occasion of our next events.
Massimo Merola
(President of the GCLC)





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