Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars at the College of Europe, Bruges and Natolin campus

Call for applications

The College of Europe encourages researchers interested in European studies to apply as visiting scholars. It offers a stimulating international academic environment and a Library which is highly specialized on European Union affairs.

Visiting scholars are typically professors who would like to spend their sabbatical leave at the College of Europe or senior researchers who wish to come to the College of Europe for a period of time with the objective of conducting research for a post-doctoral project. The stay at the College can be from one month up to an entire academic year.


The application letter in either English or French should be addressed to the Director of the Academic Service of the College of Europe (thierry.monforti [at] who will submit it to the Academic Council for consideration. The application should specify the motivation, research interest and preferred time of stay and be accompanied by a detailed CV. Each visiting scholar should preferably obtain an affiliation with one of the study programmes at the Bruges Campus, Belgium, or at the Natolin (Warsaw) Campus, Poland.


Normally visiting scholars come with their own external funding but the College of Europe may contribute in kind by allowing the use of its facilities such as:

  • library privileges
  • free internet access
  • free printing, scanning and photocopying
  • meals at staff prices in the College restaurant
  • office space in a College building, subject to availability
  • a College room or apartment at a reduced rate, subject to availability
  • attendance of College events.

Contribution to College life

Visiting scholars should contribute to the extent possible to the academic activities of the Department with which they will be associated. A bench fee of 250 € per month would be charged in case of no specific academic contribution. In agreement with the Director of Studies, their contribution may, for instance, take the form of offering a guest lecture, sharing their expertise with the students, or participating in conferences organised at the College. Visiting scholars are expected to note their academic affiliation with the College at any conference presentations they may undertake during their stay at the College of Europe and in any publications that may arise from it. At the end of their stay, they should submit a short report about their activities to the Rector.

Current Visiting Scholar(s)

Professor Ronald H. LINDEN

Professor Ronald H. LINDEN is Professor of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. From 2011 through 2016 he was Director of the European Studies Center at Pitt, a National Resource Center and Jean Monnet European Union Centre of Excellence. A Princeton Ph.D. (1976), Dr. Linden was Director of the Center for Russian and East European Studies from 1984-89 and 1991-98. From 1989 to 1991 he served as Director of Research for Radio Free Europe in Munich, Germany, with responsibility for observing and analyzing the extraordinary changes in East Europe. Dr. Linden’s research career has focused on Central and Southeastern Europe, including in recent years, Turkey. His current research, supported by a Fulbright-Schuman grant, explores the impact on the EU and European-US relations of growing Chinese trade and investment in Europe. Professor Linden is visiting scholar at the EU-China Research Center in the Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies in spring-summer 2018, afer spending the first part of his Fulbright-Schuman stay at the Instituto Affari Internazionali in Rome.


Professor Yasushi WATANABE

Professor Yasushi WATANABE is Full Professor in the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University, Japan. He earned a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from Harvard University in 1997. After post-doctoral research at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, he joined Keio University in 1999. His books include Culture and Diplomacy: The Age of Public Diplomacy (2011, in Japanese); the edited volumes Handbook of Cultural Security (forthcoming) and the co-edited volume Soft Power Superpowers: Cultural and National Assets of Japan and the United States (2008). Professor Watanabe was also a Fellow at Downing College, University of Cambridge in 2007, a Visiting Professor at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (SciencesPo) de Paris in 2013 and a Fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington D.C. He has served on the Advisory Council on Public Diplomacy of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Advisory Committee on NHK World and he was an editorial member of Gaiko (Diplomacy) magazine. His current research interests include in particular Europe–U.S.–Japan relations and public diplomacy. Professor Watanabe is visiting scholar in the Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies in spring 2018.


Professor Özlem SEFER

Özlem SEFER holds her Ph.D. in Political Science from Ankara University at 2014. Her Ph.D. thesis’ title is “The European Union and European identity: An Analysis of the European Union Integration Process on the basis of European Identity.” She taught several courses as part-time instructor at Bilkent University/Turkey and Cankaya University/Turkey including courses about the EU. Her research interests include identity, citizenship, legitimacy and democracy in the EU. She has been the visiting fellow of the Department of European Political and Governance Studies at College of Europe-Bruges Campus from February to July 2018.



Professor Özlem TERZI

Özlem TERZI is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Istanbul University. She is, inter alia, the author of The Influence of the European Union on Turkish Foreign Policy (Ashgate, 2013). She obtained her PhD in International Relations from the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara. She was a DAAD research scholar and junior fellow at the ‘Zentrum für Europäische Integrationsforschung’ (ZEI), University of Bonn. She studied as a Jean Monnet scholarship holder at the London School of Economics, where she received her MSc in European Studies. She also holds an MSc in International Relations from METU and a BSc in International Relations from Ankara University. Her research interests include EU foreign policy and diplomacy, global governance, EU-Turkey relations and Turkish foreign policy. Professor TERZI as visiting scholar in the Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies for the academic year 2017-18.




Previous Visiting Fellow(s)

Anthony Luzzatto GARDNER

Former US Ambassador to the EU, Mr Anthony Luzzatto GARDNER, spent three months as a visiting fellow at the College of Europe Bruges campus. He participated in College events, writing, did public speaking and held regular office hours for students who were able to learn from his valuable experience and knowledge. 

It was a great opportunity for the College of Europe to have the ambassador in our midst, especially in light of the launching of a brand new Master of Arts in Transatlantic Affairs and during times of uncertainty regarding the transatlantic relationship.

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