Alumni relations

The College of Europe is committed to maintaining and developing relations with its alumni. To this end, various measures have been taken to maintain an active community in which all members are able to voice their interests.

It is possible to contact the Careers and Alumni Office by email by writing to, whether in the framework of the activities presented below or more generally to inform the College of events concerning alumni or their initiatives.

Access to Intranet/email address of the College

Any alumnus who wishes to connect to the College Intranet can do so by entering the password he or she previously used as a student. Similarly, it is still possible for an alumnus to keep using the email address which was granted to him or her for life from the 1997-1998 promotion onwards. For earlier promotions, an address can be created at the person's request.

To do this, or in the case of a forgotten password, the alumnus should contact the IT department of the College which will set up or restore Intranet access and/or the use of his/her email address.


In addition to the Intranet and email, it is possible to stay in touch with the College either by subscribing to the E-newsletter or by visiting the College's Facebook page.

The College not only gives you a sweeping background knowledge of the process of European integration, provides you with specialist insights into the EU policies, but above all teaches you how to work and co-exist in a multi-cultural environment.

Rafał TRZASKOWSKI, Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland (European Affairs), Alexis de Tocqueville Promotion (1996-1997)

Statistics/Contact details

The compilation of statistics on the career paths of its graduates is becoming increasingly important for the College. Besides the need to support its communication efforts, the College is required to provide such figures with increasing frequency. These may be necessary in order to inform applicants to the College, or students during the academic year, and also to answer journalists or questions stemming from the authorities funding scholarships. It should be noted that in the latter case, there is much more at stake than a merely informative purpose, since this could impact funding for a whole year of study for one or more students.

The College therefore invites alumni to fill in information about their professional activities. The statistics are compiled in accordance with the strictest anonymity.

Information relating to employment

The College supports its students in the preparation of their career plan, in particular by providing them with job offers, lists of job-related websites, and so forth. This information remains accessible to alumni. It can be viewed on the careers pages of the College Intranet, just like any other data posted there.

Support to College Students

By taking part in the activities organised within the College, alumni have the opportunity to share their knowledge with students who are always keen to learn more. This participation can take many forms including, among others:

  • Providing the Careers and Alumni Office with information about the latest trends in a professional sector, employment or internship opportunities in their organisation;
  • Specific interventions during which alumni are invited to provide advice and information on careers as experts in a particular field, or representatives of a company or institution;
  • Participation in the “Networking” evenings held each year (in February), which provide students with an opportunity to talk to alumni in an informal setting while allowing the latter to share their experiences with them, and give them advice;
  • Attending Career Days (in March - April), during which the alumnus is able to proceed, on behalf of his or her company, to the selection, on the Bruges campus, of a student with the prospect of a job or an internship.

The Careers and Alumni Office would like to thank all the alumni who are giving their support to students in one form or another.

The Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the College of Europe brings together all generations of Alumni, today more than 11,500 people from over 60 promotions! It organises numerous events in Brussels, and around the world thanks to its Regional Groups. 

The College carries out its career and networking activities in co-operation with the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association manages the database of Alumni contact details.

To update your contact details, please visit the Association's website, and click on "Update your contact info" under the title "Stay informed." To amend your information, you will need to log in to the website, should you have forgotten your username or your password, do not hesitate to write to

Thank you very much for taking the time to update your contact details! This allows the College to put together very useful and important statistics, but also makes sure that the Alumni Association can invite you to its events, and last but not least, allows your fellow alumni to get in touch with you. 

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