Bruges Careers Office

The main goals of the Bruges Careers Office of the College of Europe are to familiarise students with the European job market and to equip them with the right skills and tools to access it.

The mission of the Careers Office is not to replace students in their own individual job seeking efforts but, throughout the academic year, to support them and advise them on how to, for example, draft a European CV or prepare for an interview. The Office also informs them about the different stages of EU competitions, the meaning of ‘networking’, etc.

The Careers Office does its utmost to bring students into contact with the labour market in general and more especially with recruiters. Thus, students are encouraged, to include their CV in a database, made available to potential employers. Practitioners in a variety of fields come to share their experiences with the students and Career Days are also organised in order to allow students to take part in recruitment interviews. In addition, networking evenings are an opportunity to welcome alumni back to the College with the idea of encouraging them to share their career experiences with the students.

A documentation centre on international and European careers is accessible to students within the libraries of the College.

Recruiters or any other people wishing to make a job offer known to the students or wishing to attend one of the above mentioned events should contact the Careers Office. (Elena TURCI)

Students may later join the Alumni Association of the College of Europe, which makes specific job offers available to members through its network of contacts. The Careers Office cooperates with the Alumni Association on career matters.