From the beginning of the academic year, College of Europe students are made aware of the need to prepare their entry into the labour market as early as possible. Indeed, while the students' everyday life is intense and demanding, setting up a career plan also requires time. 

Throughout their stay at the College, the Careers Office strives to organise activities that will foster the success of the steps taken by the students. Such activities may even be accompanied by initiatives from each of the study departments. 

These activities are grouped in a set of services for the individual and 8 different professional tracks. 

The services offered to the individuals are:    

  • Review CVs and cover letters  

  • Interview coaching  

  • Career orientation (including support for specific applications)  

  • Search Year Visa  

  • Micro-Mentoring Programme with Alumni (students have the possibility to pick and choose from a list of graduates and have a 1-hour conversation about career perspectives) 

  • Access to the Career Guide (80 pages).   

The tracks are:  

  • Job Hunting Essentials Track, which includes activities covering the basics of any job application process (identifying skills and motivation, write a CV, create a network)  

  • EU Public Employment Track, which includes a EU Jobs Competitions Training Programme, an Info Session on the EPSO New Competition Model, Bluebook Internship Programme Info Session, Roundtable on the Junior Professional Programme of the European Commission, Roundtable on Career Paths inside the European Parliament, Schuman Traineeship Info Session.  

  • International Organisations Track, which includes activities like lectures, networking drinks, roundtables.  

  • Diplomacy and Defense Track, which presentations, roundtables and networking drinks. 

  • Financial Institutions Track, which includes roundtables. 

  • Private Sector Track, which includes visiting some companies premises, Career Days, Networking Night, LSE, Science Po and College of Europe Job Fair in Brussels, roundtables.  

  • Non Profit Track, which includes roundtables. 

  • Academia Track, which includes presentations and it is supported by the different departments.  

The offer is complemented by a 80 pages long Career Guide, and an intranet section called “Vacancies and Opportunities” where – next to occasional job and internship vacancies that we receive from employers directly, are listed 215 internship programmes of the EU institutions, International Organisations, Banks, Think Tanks, Courts, EU decentralised agencies etc and 36 Junior Professional Programmes of different organisations. In addition, the office will continue to be involved in the organisation of a job fair in partnership with Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics and Political Science and in the Pan-European SEAL Programme. Next to this, the office engages with private sector actors to include in the programme opportunities for the students to experiment hands on real life professional situations. The office also facilitates visits to companies such as law firms.