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College of Europe IBERDROLA European Energy and Climate Policy Chair

The College of Europe responded to the high and ever-growing relevance of energy policy for the European and global agendas through the creation of the IBERDROLA Manuel Marín Chair for European Energy and Climate Policy. The activities of the Chair make the College a European hub for teaching, researching and discussing strategic energy and climate policies.
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European Civilization Chair

Thanks to the support of the European Union, and in particular the European Parliament, the Natolin campus of the College of Europe in Warsaw created the European Civilization Chair in memory of Professor Bronisław Geremek †. The mission of the Chair is to teach and encourage reflection on recent European history within the wider context of European Civilization, in the conviction that understanding Europe's past helps us to imagine and shape Europe's future. In particular, there is a focus on twentieth-century Europe's division and reunification. This is in keeping both with Professor Geremek's achievements as a medieval historian and the role he played in Poland and in Europe both before and after the fall of Communism.  »
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European Neighbourhood Policy Chair

Rooted in an initiative by the European Parliament, the Natolin campus of the College of Europe created the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair which became operational on 1 July 2012. The mission of the Chair is to teach and encourage reflection on EU and EU member states' foreign policies towards the EU’s eastern and southern neighbourhood and to familiarize students with the multi-facetted security-related, political and socio-economic developments and structures in both neighbourhoods.   »
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Fulbright-NATO Security Studies Visiting Scholar

The Fulbright-NATO Security Studies award allows the grantee to spend a semester at the College of Europe, teaching courses in the European Political and Governance Studies programme and in the International Relations and Diplomacy programme as well as advise students for their thesis.  »
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Fulbright Distinguished Scholar in UE-EU Relations

The Fulbright Schuman Programme funds the Chair in US-EU Relations at the College of Europe in Bruges. This ten-month fellowship allows the grantee to pursue independent research in one semester. In the other semester, he/she will lead a course in the framework of a Master's programme to a very select and international group of postgraduate students. This course will help promote the students' understanding of relations between the US and the EU.  »
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Chair of Transatlantic Trade and Economy

The Chair of Transatlantic Trade and Economy (in cooperation with Microsoft) teaches courses on transatlantic affairs, conducts research, and performs outreach through events and other tasks. The Chair’s goal is to foster a thorough understanding of the current dynamics and challenges within transatlantic trade and economic relations, including the nexus with global security and geo-economics.  »
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