Every year, the GCLC organizes a two-day conference in Brussels, which is generally followed by a publication.

Forthcoming Conferences

17th Annual Conference of the GCLC

When: March 2022

More information to be published soon

Draft reports

Each research group has prepared a draft report with preliminary findings that will be discussed during the Conference.  Please do not cite without approval.

First Research Group - The Microsoft Cases (DRAFT)

Second Research Group - The Payment Card Cases (DRAFT)

Third Research Group - The Buyer Power Merger Cases (DRAFT)

Fourth Research Group - The Pharmaceutical Parallel Trade Cases (DRAFT)

Fifth Research Group - The Rebates Cases (DRAFT)

Last Conference

16th Annual Conference of the GCLC

Ex post assessment of European competition enforcement: Did agency intervention restore competition in the market?

29 January – 5 February – 12 February 2021


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