Evening Policy Talks Series

The GCLC regularly invites high level officials to deliver a speech on selected issues of competition policy under the Chatham House Rule.

Past Evening Policy Talks

13th Evening Policy Talk of the GCLC

When: 21 September 2020

Subject: Antitrust & Regulatory Policy in Digital Industries: Roundtable on "Big Tech and the Digital Economy" (OUP, 2020)

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12th Evening Policy Talk of the GCLC

When: 10 September 2019

Subject: The future of competition policy: the digital reports and beyond

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11th Evening Policy Talk of the GCLC

When: 28 November 2017
Subject: The Role of the Chief Economist in Competition Law Enforcement: Lessons from the First Year of Mandate

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10th Evening Policy Talk of the GCLC
When: 7 June 2016
Subject: The State of US Antitrust Enforcement
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9th Evening Policy Talk
When: 29 September 2014
Subject: The Intel Judgement and the Administrability of the Effects-Based Approach
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8th Evening Policy Talk
When: 13 July 2013
Subject: Kai-Üwe KÜHN: Two and a Half Years Heading The Chief Economist Team
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7th Evening Policy Talk
When: 22 May 2012
Subject: Mr John FINGLETON
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6th Evening Policy Talk
When: 1 December 2012
Subject: Measuring What Matters: Performance Standards For Competition Agencies
Speakers: William E. KOVACIC, Former Federal Trade Commissioner (U.S.); Professor of Law and Global Competition Chair in Law and Policy, George Washington University

5th Evening Policy Talk
When: 19 April 2011
Subject: Staying Ahead of the Curve in EU Competition Policy
Speakers: Joaquín ALMUNIA, Vice-President of the European Commission, Commissioner for Competition

4th Evening Policy Talk
When: 16 March 2011
Subject: Competition policy: Steering the Course
Speakers: Dr. Alexander ITALIANER, Director General for Competition

3rd Evening Policy Talk
When: 23 November 2010
Subject: Four Years As The Chief Competition Economist – An Overview And Outlook For The Future
Speakers: Damien NEVEN, Chief Competition Economist, Dg Competition

2nd Evening Policy Talk
When: 12 October 2010
Subject: European Competition Policy On The Road To 2020
Speakers: Nadia CALVIÑO, Deputy Director General for Mergers and Antitrust