Nos anciens

Claire MEDINA (UK)

Promotion Simon STEVIN, 2001-2002

Master en Etudes politiques et administratives européennes (MEPA)

Représentant résident intérimaire, Malawi

Programme des Nations Unies pour le développement


Directly after the College, I worked as an Assistant to an MEP in the European Parliament for two years, following which I joined the United Nations Office in Brussels. During thirteen years with the UN, I have worked in Brussels, New York, Barbados, the Philippines and Armenia. Since January 2017, I have been the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative (Programme) in Malawi.


I remember hesitating between the College and universities in my home country before finally opting for the College. I can honestly say that the College changed my life trajectory in a way that never would have been possible in my home country. Firstly, I became a true “European” in the melting pot of different nationalities studying and living together. Secondly, it was my knowledge of the EU processes, and connections within the EU institutions, that helped get my job at the UN. Thirdly, I met my future husband in Bruges and we now have two “Bruges” babies. So, in short, what did the College mean to me? Everything!

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