Practical Information for the Remote Interview Sessions

Some of the interview sessions will take place over the internet with the selection committee in Bruges and/or Natolin.
For these sessions, you will receive an invite to connect to a specific website linked to your interview room.
The system used for the interviews is WebEx.

How to connect to the interview session?

In this example, we will guide you step by step to connect to the interview room using WebEx.

Before you connect to the interview session, make sure you have tested your equipment by joining a test session as described in the FAQ

NB. The interview room in this example is Interview Room 1. Make sure you connect to the room mentioned in your invitation.

  1. Go to the link defined in your invitation form.
  2. Provide your name and e-mail address.
    NB. use the name and e-mail address you used for your application.

    Do not click the "Join Meeting" button yet! Select the "Always join from web app" option first.
    (If you select "Always join from desktop app" and do not have the WebEx plug-in installed, you will be given the option to download it or to download a temporary application that will allow you to host your meeting.)
  3. Press "Join Meeting".
  4. You will have to wait until the interview committee allows you to enter the room. 
    The screen could look like one of the two possibilities as shown below.
  5. When the interview committee allows you to join, you must first make the necessary steps to activate your video and audio device. These are not activated nor started when you are allowed in the room automatically.
  6. Select the audio and video device you are going to use. More on Audio and Video can be found below.
  7. Press "Connect Audio and Start Video".
    NB. Please be sure to test your audio and video devices connected to your computer by doing the test as described in the FAQ section.
  8. During the call, you will see the different parties involved in the interview.
  9. Once the interview is finished, the interview committee will disconnect you. You do not have to disconnect yourself.

Connect your video

When you enter a WebEx session, you will be asked if you wish to share video.

If you select a camera option, your browser will ask if you wish to allow WebEx permission to connect with your camera. Select "Allow" to share your video with the meeting.

Click the "Connect Audio and Start Video" button to connect to the WebEx meeting using the audio and video options you selected.

NB. If you do not have a camera on your computer, or the host has turned off video, this option will automatically be greyed out.

Connect your audio

When you enter a WebEx session, you can select "Call using Computer" to share audio using your computer's microphone or an external microphone connected to your computer or headset. We strongly advise you to use a headset for the best audio quality during the session.

WebEx will ask for permission to access your computer's microphone. Select "Allow" to share your audio your audio with the meeting.

Click the "Connect Audio and Start Video" button to connect to the WebEx meeting using the audio and video options you selected.

NB. The "I will call in" option is not available for the interviews. Make sure you have a properly configured audio device.


  • How should I test my computer before the interview session?
    The easiest way to test your computer with audio and video is by going to
    If this is not working, please check the other FAQ's below to troubleshoot.
  • What should I do if the connection gets interrupted?
    Just start again from the beginning and wait until the interview committee allows you in the room.
  • Do I need specific software to join a WebEx meeting?

    No, you can join a WebEx meeting as long as you have internet, audio and video capabilities.

    An up to date version of any browser should work.

    As a participant, you also do not need to have a WebEx account.

  • Is my internet browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge, ... ) supported for WebEx?
    If you have a recent version of your browser, there should be no issues.
  • How do I send or receive video in the WebEx Web App?
    Detailed instructions on how to configure your video can be found at
  • How do I connect to Audio and Video in WebEx meetings?
    See more information at
  • What if I already have a WebEx account and/or have the full WebEx client installed?
    That should work even better. Just connect to the meeting by typing in the full url of the meeting room as specified in the invitation e-mail  (e.g.
  • What if all fails during the test?
    Please check the WebEx support pages at