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Promotion ARISTOTLE, 2000-2001

Master en Etudes économiques européennes (MEEE)

Directeur et économiste en chef, Corporate Strategy and International Governmental Affairs

Dow Chemical, Suisse, Horgen


Rafael Cayuela, is currently a Director and Corporate Chief Economist at Dow Chemical. In this position he is member of the Dow corporate strategy team, as well as member of the International Governments Affairs Team. In this role Cayuela will help to translate the various macro-economic and industry trends into Dow corporate strategy, working closely with key stakeholders; especially regulators, governments and international organizations.

Cayuela is an economist by education and has more than fifteen years of experience within the chemical industry. Originally from Madrid, Spain, Cayuela holds a Bachelor in Business and Economics from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and Wolverhampton in UK; a Masters degree in European Economics from the College of Europe, Brugge, Belgium and an Executive MBA from the University of Chicago USA. Cayuela is also the author of the book "The Future of the Chemical Industry by 2050", published by Wiley in May 2013 and he is active as an international speaker and writer about the Chemical Industry and the long term outlook of the Industry.

Cayuela started his professional career as an intern at the Chamber of Commerce in Padova, Venice, Italy. After that he joined JP Morgan in Brussels and since 2001 Cayuela began his career in Dow Chemical. Cayuela join Dow Chemical in Madrid, Spain, while moving early in his career into Dow global headquarters in Midland, Michigan, having several short assignments in Brussels and Zurich. Currently he is based at Dow European headquarters in Horgen, Switzerland.


The College of Europe was without any doubt a “life changing experience” and a “dream” comes true. The College with its unique set up and location is probably one of the best places to learn about the most important topics for our society; from some of the best minds in the world.

The amount of personal memories is vast, intense and alive, still today. From long lasting friendships, to life changing experiences. I still remember with emotion our first encounter with Rector Dr. Otto VON DER GABLENTZ; when Alberto Alemanno and myself presented him a proposal to set a “Debating Society” for the College of Europe. I still remember his calm reaction and his solid response to us: “the College of Europe is all about enabling the best of you! Learning, discussing and delivering is in our blood and one of our strengths; please have my blessings and be sure about this: Europe will need you!”

The College of Europe is not only one of the secret “heart” of Europe, but one of those places where the unique intersection of European values, politics, economics and visionaries keeps Europe alive. Looking forward to see the new generations and rest most assured than ever: “Europe will need you”!


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