Benelux National Week 2019

From Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd of February, the students from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg invited the students of the Manuel Marín promotion to discover their culture.

The #Benelaunch of this amazing Benelux week consisted of a beer tasting on Monday evening in the Foyer in Dijver. The students could enjoy many different golden beverages of the Benelux such as Orval, Diekirch, Brugse Zot and Cuvée des Trolls. A great evening set the tone for the rest of the week.

Apple-cinnamon or chocolate cake, home-made Belgian waffles, Luxembourgian tea and coffee of Viva Sara made a big success of the Benelux week at the Phoenix café. Our delicacies were quickly sold out on Tuesday afternoon and the students and staff enjoyed the sun while discovering some of the most famous Benelux comics such as Tintin and les Schtroumpfs.  

Wednesday was marked by a tasteful #Benelunch. La Moutarderie de Luxembourg provided delicious sauces that were served with fresh fries at our ‘Frietkot’. The boulets liégeois and Luxembourgian quiche delighted the students before entering chocolate heaven.

The Benelux week was honoured to welcome the Secretary-General of the Benelux and the Dutch and Luxembourgish Permanent Representatives to the EU on Thursday for a fruitful discussion on the future of the Benelux countries in a post-Brexit European Union. The students’ questions were topical and to the point, as we are used to, and we much appreciated the honesty of the ambassadors when answering. At the reception, the students and guests were welcomed to try Bernard-Massard crémant, Duvel and sweet delicacies of, for instance, Jules Destrooper and Crévin.     

Last but not least, Saturday provided a crazy final to the Benelux week. We kicked of with a cantus, without a doubt the most original pre-drink the students have experienced here in Bruges. Many liters of beer were consumed, many songs were sung, mostly out of tune, and not that many cantus rules were respected throughout the whole night. For our King’s night party afterwards, Oliebaan turned completely orange and students could enjoy our ‘Benelux-playlist’ one last time. 

Many thanks to the students of the Manuel Marín promotion for enjoying this week with us!

Benelux National Week 2019

All info and pictures can be found on the BENELUX facebook page.