Georgia, Israel and Armenia National Week 2015-2016

The National Weekend of Georgia, Israel and Armenia at the College of Europe, Brugge Campus, has been held under the guiding theme of Sun, in the first week of February.


In frame of the national weekend, college students from the countries have organized the following events:

Thursday February 4 – Sun to the Student Bar Chop’Inn

Georgian and Israeli wine have been made available to be sold in the bar.

Friday February 5 – National lunch in the Canteen

Georgian, Israeli and Armenian students have prepared meals from national cuisines.

Khachapuri, harissa, humus and other delicacies have been offered to the College students.

Saturday February 6 – Armenian Dance Class & Joint Cultural Evening

Armenian dance class has been held for the college students, followed by the culmination of the weekend – the joint cultural evening. The guests have been welcomed by the hosts in traditional dressing. Visitors have been offered some touristic information, national drinks and treats from the countries.

National alphabets have been also introduced at the cultural evening. 

CineClub - Movies CineClub at the Olebaan residence has given opportunity to the college students to watch three different movies from Georgia, Israel and Armenia.

On Friday, an Israeli movie ‘the Matchmaker’ was screened. On Saturday, Georgian movie ‘Tangerines’ and Armenian movie ‘Lost & Found in Armenia’ have been offered.