Humans of the College

Something happened. It started last spring. Wherever you were, you lived it, you have seen it. Still, during that very special period you had your interview for the College of Europe and discovered for the first time the magical WebEx. Back in the days, you didn’t know you’ll end up quarantined again. You were just super happy because you finally made it to the College of Europe. No matter which background you do have, you made it to the College of Europe while you were dealing with apocalyptical news in your country, in your continent. You were aware of the risks and you came.

We came, we discovered each other. Fine, we partied, because we’re young and … I mean, by the end of the day, YOLO. The College experience you live it once as well, right? What about your first or second or third quarantine, that you are living here, in the College? Lynn and I wanted to capture the moment. Maybe you’ll think it’s sad and not worth the memory? We don’t think so. We believe it is important to keep track on that.

Certainly, the Soares promotion will forever be known as the quarantined promotion. Hopefully this episode will be short. Hopefully it will pass in a single time and there will be a vaccine next spring. We are going to be fine. We’re going to be fine because we are going to be there for each other. There will always be people bringing joy to our lives, at breakfast, in Garenmarkt or even via WebEx. Those people will definitely be our heroes because they will be sharing good vibes, beautiful smiles and making our quarantined-and-social-distanced life in the College of Europe much better. When it comes to sharing, Lynn and I would like to share stories. So if you’re volunteering to a totally random and happy chat with me or Lynn, please let us know by contacting us via WhatsApp or e-mail or on Instagram since everything will be happening there.

Maybe something amazing happened during your quarantine. Maybe you learned something new. Maybe you’ve fallen in love. Or maybe you’ve read an amazing novel. We want to share stories in order to get to know each other and always have a story to tell. That will be the Quarantined Humans of Dijver Experience. Hopefully, we won’t only have a WebEx edition. 

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Love you all. WebEx huge hugs.

Stay safe, you amazing quarantined people. Nour and Lynn