Lecture organised by DevCoE Group "Can other regions of the world proceed on their own EU path?"

On the 16th of February, DevCoE brought you a lecture exploring migration, food security, economic integration and the role that the EU should play in encouraging stability in neighbouring regions.

During this event, questions such as “what are the root causes of mass migration?” and “what needs to be done by the EU to encourage our neighbourhood to become more stable and prosperous, so that would-be migrants are motivated to stay in their home countries?” were discussed.

The speakers were:

  • Mr John McCLINTOCK, a DG AGRI official in the European Commission. Mr Mc CLINTOCK has worked extensively on the role of jobs, food security and economic integration in the recent migrant crisis.
  • Dr Mark CORNER, a lecturer in politics, history, and the EU at the University of Leuven, and an external speaker for the European Commission. He has written books including “The Binding of Nations: from European Union to World Union” and “The European Union: An Introduction.”
  • Mr Riccardo BENVENUTI, Programme Officer at ACTION for Food Reserves, an NGO seeking the alleviation of hunger in the world through the establishment of regional food reserves.

The event was open to the public.

Contact: Luca BELLOMO