Student conversation with David McWilliams on Brexit and Irish-EU relations

On Tuesday 16 March 2021, the Irish students of the College of Europe Bruges campus organized an online conversation with Irish economist, author and journalist Mr David McWILLIAMS. David, a College of Europe graduate of the Christopher Dawson promotion (1988/1989), joined our students for a virtual discussion on Brexit, Ireland and EU affairs. The student event was hosted by Noelle O'CONNELL, CEO of European Movement Ireland. The participants had the opportunity to ask questions via the chat function of the WebEx meeting or by raising their hands. All current CoE students and Irish alumni were invited to attend the conversation with our distinguished guest David McWILLIAMS.  The Irish students of this year's Soares Promotion 2020-2021 can look back on a successful event: "It was fascinating to hear David's views on a range of topics - from Brexit, to a United Ireland, to the green economy. It was especially interesting to hear about David's time at the College and how it shaped his career. There was a warm and intimate atmosphere, which was facilitated by host Noelle O'Connell, who expertly quizzed David throughout. It was great that so many students had the opportunity to ask David questions, to which he gave typically thought-provoking responses."