Student Representatives Sophia and Gary tell you why you should apply to the College

Our College of Europe students are true ambassadors of and for our Postgraduate Institute of European Studies and play a crucial role in convincing prospective students to apply to the College. Once again this academic year, our students were enthusiast and eager to share their experiences and motivation to be part of the life-changing experience at our Bruges campus.  Back in October, Student Representatives Gary PATERSON of the International Relations and Diplomacy Studies Department (IRD) and Sophia SEEBER of the European Economic Studies Department (ECO) joined us to tell us their personal story, what makes the College of Europe such an inspiring and unique study environment and why you should spend a year in Bruges, a beautiful medieval city and former European Capital of Culture.  "With my College of Europe video testimonial, I hope to show that our students come from varied backgrounds & that the CoE scholarships made it possible for me to be here as a student from a 'non-traditional' background. I'm eternally grateful & hope to help others access this opportunity", says Gary PATERSON from Scotland. 

Watch both video testimonials below: