Students Michalina KOWALA & Thomas MAINGUY-SOURDIN play a selection of love songs on the occasion of Valentine's Day

Michalina KOWALA, a Polish student from the EU Political and Governance Studies Department and Thomas MAINGUY-SOURDIN, a French student from the European Economic Studies Department took part in an initiative aimed at supporting the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project launched in Michalina’s hometown in Poland offers many different activities to the older people. Our musicians decided to contribute by recording a selection of love songs at the Bruges campus Dijver site on Sunday 31 January, on the occasion of the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

“We are always eager to make music and share our passion. The fact that we can bring joy to others, help them forget about the worries of everyday life, at least for a moment, and make the difficult time of the pandemic a little easier to bear, makes us extremely happy. We take part in subsequent musical adventures with even greater pleasure”, student musicians Michalina and Thomas express their satisfaction.  

Video and photo were taken by fellow student Cezary Węgliński.