20th anniversary of the College of Europe Development Office

Responding to the growing need for training on EU affairs for public and private sector professionals, the College of Europe Development Office is celebrating this year its 20th anniversary by launching new interactive and dynamic courses.

Complementing its current offer of Executive Education courses including courses on Negotiations in Practice, EU Diplomacy & Diplomatic Skills, Trade Policy, EU Competition Law, EU Fact Finding, EU Project Management and more recently EU Transport and Railway Affairs (ETCR), the Development Office has launched several new courses on different areas of expertise (Energy Union Summer School, Monitoring and Evaluation of EU external cooperation and EU Economic Governance). A new course has been added on Migration

For the new courses, and on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the College of Europe is happy to announce an additional discount of 5%. Click here for more information.

Special attention needs to be paid to the 23rd edition of our flagship programme, the Intensive Seminar on the EU, which started even before the consolidation of the department, in 1993. It has trained more than 1000 public and private sector participants on EU Affairs—from the basics on the EU institutional framework to the latest development of EU policies—and keeps welcoming participants from all around the world. Find more information here.

In parallel with its Executive Education courses, the office prepares and delivers tailor-made training courses on EU Affairs. Based on its extensive network of experts, the courses are and have been prepared for a wide range of institutions, both from the public and the private sector—including the governments of EU Member States (e.g. Sweden, France, Poland, Belgium, etc.), third countries (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China, Algeria, etc.) and institutions such as the Organisation International de la Francophonie and the United Nations (UNDP, UNICEF, etc.). More information about our tailor-made courses can be found here.  

The Office also manages the e-learning modules of the College, which are developed on key topical areas of the EU: Competition Law – Antitrust, WTO Law, The role of EU Delegations, Migration and visa facilitation, Legal aspects of EU external relations, The EU in multilateral fora, Development aid and cooperation. More information can be found here.

Furthermore, and due to its involvement at the academic as well as the practical level in European Affairs, the College of Europe has been increasingly solicited to participate in different projects. Since 1996, these projects were centralized and started being coordinated by the Development Office. More information about our activities can be found here.

Appointed Director of the office in April 2015, Mr Jesús BALLESTEROS—previously Deputy Director since 2009—is leading an international team of 15 highly motivated project managers and project assistants, who are the soul of the office and who prepare and implement its activities.

For more information, please do not hesitate to write to info.development [at] coleurope.eu.


Have you ever participated in one of our Executive Education courses?


If this is the case, please do not hesitate to send an email with the course you attended and a quote about what the training course meant to you to 20thanniversary.development [at] coleurope.eu before 1 September 2016.

All the former participants sending quotes will enter a draw to win a 50% discount for the participation in one of the Executive Education courses during 2016. We look forward to seeing you again!

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