Intensive Seminar on the EU

:: Bruges & Brussels 
   Classic: 29 June-17 July 2020
   Advanced: 6-17 July 2020
   Compact: 6-10 July 2020


All you need to know about the EU, its decision-making process and policies!
Choose from the one- to the three-week course tailored to your level of experience: 

  • Classic three-week programme: For participants who seek to gain a thorough understanding or to refresh their knowledge on the EU's institutional framework and its main internal and external policies; 
  • Advanced two-week programme: For participants who already possess a good knowledge of the EU institutional framework and would like to benefit from a full analysis of both the internal and external policies of the EU; 
  • Compact one-week programme on the European Commission priorities: For participants who have a very good understanding of the EU policies interested in a practical review of the main policy initiatives of the European Commission. 

Registrations open until 10 June 2020.

Early bird discount when registering by 31 March 2020. 
 discounts for groups, former participants and College of Europe Alumni.

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