Target groups & faculty

The participants

This course targets: 

  • National and local civil servants from both EU and non-EU Member States;
  • Public affairs practitioners;
  • Consultants dealing with European institutions or agencies;
  • Officials from the EU institutions;
  • Managers from private companies;
  • Representatives from NGOs and associations;
  • Lawyers;
  • Academics

Participants should have a university degree, a very good command of English and some relevant work experience.

Seats for this course are limited, in order to ensure an optimal interactive environment that foster discussions and facilitates networking.

The College of Europe reserves the right to select participants based on their academic and professional profile.

Our former participants say:

About our Full-Immersion programme

“After the course, I was able to better understand the organization and functioning of EU institutions, the way laws are issued in the EU as well as number of relevant EU policies. The course gave me the opportunity to get to know a number of experts and colleagues thus extending my professional network.” “The high expertise of the professors was undeniably valuable. It is an honour to be taught by such professionals.”

About our Advanced programme

“This course offers condensed EU-knowledge from people who have experience working in the EU and takes place in a well organized and beautiful setting.”

About our Booster programme

"Being a part of the Booster programme of the Intensive Seminar on the EU has been both informative and fun. The programme covered topics such as the European Green Deal, European Digital Policies, and offered lectures on the European Court of Justice and interpretation of its judgements as well as comitology procedures. Lecturers coming from relevant institutions were very responsive and on the point about topics they were conveying. There's also a fun part to a programme, with social events that allow us to meet people with various cultural and educational background to top the experience."

Anamarija Musa, Senior Expert Associate at the Ministry of education, science, culture and sports of West Herzegovina Canton (BiH)

“Ce programme intensif, complet et bien fait, m’a permis de rafraîchir mes connaissances et compétences sur l’action européenne interne et externe. Les intervenants du Collège étaient très pertinents dans leur domaine et d’une grande qualité humaine et pédagogique. Je suis ravi également d’avoir pu rencontrer des collègues provenant de différents pays européens et de différents secteurs. Ces collègues sont très vite devenus des amis avec qui je resterai en contact".

The trainers

The sessions are delivered by high-level speakers from the expert network of the College of Europe, which comprises academics, practitioners, and EU-officials with a sound experience in the field of European politics and policies.

Trainers that participated in our 2023 programmes:

  • Carme Colomina, Visiting Professor at the College of Europe and Research Fellow on European Union, disinformation and global politics at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB), contributed to the Full-Immersion and Advanced programmes with sessions on ‘The EU Political Regime’, ‘Disinformation in the EU’ and ‘Decision-Making Process’ in 2023. Read more about the profile and expertise of Carme Colomina here.  
  • Hans Geeroms, Senior Adviser EU Policy at the National Bank of Belgium and Professor of European policy and International economics at KU Leuven and visiting professor at the College of Europe contributed with a session on ‘Marco-economic policy in the Eurozone and in the EU’ to the Advanced Programme in 2023. Read his contribution on ‘The unfinished EMU’ to our newsletter here.
  • Rector Federica Mogherini, former High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy discussed the topic ‘A Stronger Europe in the World: The EU’s Relations with International Powers’ in our Intensive Seminar in 2023. Read her column on our executive education courses here

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