EU Energy Policy

8-12 July 2024 / Bruges and Brussels, Belgium

This course provides participants with key tools to understand and learn about the fundamental pillars of the EU Energy policy as well as the governance tools to address internal elements together with its global and multi-sectoral dimension.

It identifies the key Energy components, the European Green Deal, the latest applicable legislation derived from the Fit for 55 package, the most recent developments in response to the energy supply and climate change, as well as the funding instruments to achieve a green transition. 

The course includes an exploration of the key priorities following the 2024 European Parliament elections, putting policy into practice with a simulation game.

The course combines different learning approaches:

  • Interactive training sessions examining theoretical and practical aspects of EU Energy Policy and the Fit for 55 package under the European Green Deal and in the post-electoral context after the 2024 European Parliament elections;
  • Simulation game: designed to present and develop the decision-making process of EU Energy policies and discuss current issues;
  • Study visits: to learn directly from EU officials and key stakeholders;
  • Guided discussions led by  senior trainers discussing the latest internal and external policy dimensions;
  • Active debates between trainers and participants.

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