Participants will be immersed in a five-day seminar on EU energy policy, delivered through lecturesdebates, guided discussionsstudy visits, and a simulation game, confronting practice with theory.

More specifically, the programme offers interactive sessions with a practical approach divided into the following modules:

  • Module 1 | Understanding the policy context
  • Module 2 | Addressing consumer interests
  • Module 3 | Meeting Europe's energy demand
  • Module 4 | Study visits to European Institutions and Key Stakeholders (Brussels)
  • Module 5 | Putting policy into practice: Simulation game

It also includes:

  • Guided discussion and exchanges

A total of three debriefing sessions on explored concepts during the course guided by senior trainers/practitioners. These guided exchanges will engage participants in exploring the social dimension, security of supply and energy futures underlying the EU's energy policy.

  • Study visits:

These visits are designed to provide participants with opportunities to study in detail specific subjects related to the EU Energy policy. Participants will get a chance to see the inner workings of the EU Institutions, meeting officials and overseeing the policy implementation.

  • Simulation game

An all-practice-oriented session aimed to identify, develop, and practice European energy policy-governance skills. Participants will be able to experience the role of the main actors negotiating the energy transition policies, looking into the main priorities following the results of the 2024 European Parliament elections.

For more details, you can download the 2024 programme here.

Please note that this course can be tailor made on demand for specific groups.


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