Carme Colomina (ES) is a Research Fellow on European Union, disinformation and global politics at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB). She is also board member of the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI) and the International Catalan Institute for Peace. She has a long career as journalist on European and international affairs, covering international summits as Brussels correspondent and reporting on conflicts in more than twenty countries. She is a weekly contributor for different media outlets. Carme Colomina has also worked as an adviser on several communication projects in the European and Euro-Mediterranean sphere, and she was Head of Interregional Cooperation in the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Catalan government. 

Her recent publications include:

  • (2021) The impact of disinformation on democratic processes and human rights in the world. Study for the European Parliament, PE 653.635, April 2021 (with Richard Youngs and Héctor Sánchez Margalef).
  • (2020) “Techno-multilateralism: the UN in the age of post-truth diplomacy”. In UN@75: Rethinking Multilateralism, edited by Pol Bargués, CIDOB Report #06 Barcelona, ISSN: 2564-9078.
  • (2020) “Truth in algorithmic democracies”. In Disinformation and power: The intermediaries crisis, special issue of the journal Afers Internacionals CIDOB, 124, 11-23 (with Daniel Innerarity).
  • (2020) “Rethinking belonging: a Mediterranean disaffection”. In Journal of the British Academy, 8, 45-51.

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