Bruges campus rises to the challenge of organizing remote teaching

Mr Thierry Monforti, Director of the Academic Service

Mr Thierry MONFORTI, Director of the Academic Service, says he is happy about the speed and efficiency of his colleagues, both academic and administrative, faced with the recent upheaval in academic life at the College of Europe, Bruges campus.

They managed to reorganize the teaching for the rest of the second semester with lightning speed.

"With my staff and with the support of the Academic Assistants and the ICT team, we managed to maintain all classes via video conference. Some courses had to be adapted and for what regards the pedagogical approach the professors had to react very quickly", explains Mr MONFORTI.  

"Our unique academic year and the absolute necessity to end the academic year by 19 June pushed our energy levels up."

The new Promotion of students is due to arrive by the end of August for those already attending the introductory courses, and the preparation for those students has already started too of course.