"College of Europe – Arenberg European Prize" Award Ceremony 2015

On Wednesday 3 June 2015, the College of Europe and the Arenberg Foundation organized the award ceremony of their first "College of Europe – Arenberg European Prize: Exploring Federal Solutions".

The ceremony took place at the Yehudi Menuhin room of the European Parliament in Brussels thanks to the support of the event sponsors Mr Louis MICHEL (MEP), Mr Jo LEINEN (MEP) and Mr Ivo BELLET (MEP).

Minister of State Marc EYSKENS, President of the Arenberg Foundation, welcomed all the distinguished guests and Prof. Dr Dr Jörg MONAR, Rector of the College of Europe, opened the ceremony.

Professor Paul DEMARET, former rector of the College of Europe, introduced the laureate Mr Tomasz WOZNIAKOWSKI who gave a summary of his paper “Sovereign debt crises and fiscal power: lessons from the early US federation for the Euro area today”. Mr Tomasz WOZNIAKOWSKI is a PhD researcher at the European University Institute, Florence and a Fulbright-Schuman Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley.

The keynote speech was given by Mr Guy VERHOFSTADT, President of the ALDE Group. HSH the Duke of ARENBERG and Rector MONAR awarded the laureate with a prize cheque of 5.000€. 

 College of Europe | Arenberg European Prize Award Ceremony 3 June 2015