New book on the emergence of sectoral EU diplomacies

Chad DAMRO, Sieglinde GSTÖHL and Simon SCHUNZ, professors in the Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies, have edited a volume on The European Union’s Evolving External Engagement: Towards New Sectoral Diplomacies? The timely book published by Routledge features a foreword by EEAS Secretary General Helga SCHMID and focuses on originally internal policies of the European Union that have over time developed important external dimensions. Based on the concepts of actorness and EU external engagement, it analyses policy fields with a longstanding external dimension such as competition policy, environment and gender equality, policy fields which have undergone crisis-triggered recent changes like monetary policy, asylum and migration or energy, as well as policy fields which are on the verge of developing new sectoral diplomacies such as science and research, culture, higher education, and sports governance. 


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