New publication by Dr Andriy TYUSHKA: "Hybrid War(fare): The Challenge of Contagion"

Dr Andriy TYUSHKA, Research Fellow in the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair at the College of Europe in Natolin, just published a journal article on the perils of hybrid war(fare) contagion beyond the EU’s Eastern neighbourhood, where, since 2014, the notion has gained a real traction — first and foremost against the backdrop of Russia’s covert and overt, conventional and unconventional methods of political warfare as well as discursive subversion.

Drawing on the recent evidence of spatial and temporal diffusion of hybrid warfare theatres beyond Ukraine’s Crimea, eastern regions of Donbas as well as the Sea of Azov, the article argues that hybrid wars, as a modern-conflict ‘template’, are highly contagious — and thus prone to substantially challenge the international order as well as its normative and structural foundations. The article explores the trends in ideational spread and political uses of both hybrid warfare methods and the hybrid war-embracing strategic cultures across the globe, and it offers an explanatory account of the mechanisms, conditions and dimensions of hybrid war(fare) contagion.

The link to the article "Hybrid War(fare): The Challenge of Contagion", published in Torun International Studies, can be found here.