11th European concert


Lundi 09.05.05

European Concert on the historical Europe Day. The “Eroica Ensemble”, under the guidance of Rik Ghesquière, has been invited to perform. Naoko Senoo (flute) and Nico Vancouver (piano) will perform as soloists.

The programme is divided into two parts. Part l, entitled “Japanese Impressions”, contains works of the Belgian musicians Rik Ghesquière, George de Decker and Nico Vancouver. Freddy Sunder arranged a number of beautiful Japanese folksongs for this occasion. To give the musicians a break, the Montesquieu Promotion Choir will give a musical intermezzo between the two parts of the concert. Part ll, featuring musical masterpieces from Wolfgang A. Mozart, Ludwig von Beethoven, Franz Liszt, Pjotr l. Tsjaikovski, Gioachino Rossini, Jules Massener, Vittorio Monti, André Waignein is entitled “Perle della Musica”.

As personnel/a student of the College, you are entitled to a significant discount on tickets, which are available for € 2. Reservations for you and your friends/family can be made at the Reception in Dijver.

As each year, the profits from ticket sales and sponsorship are donated to the Students’ Fund of the College of Europe. This fund aims to help students experiencing unforeseen financial hardship.