Garenmarkt students transform Churchill Room into cozy study area

Great news for the students of the Garenmarkt residence as the College decided to make the Sir Winston Churchill Room available as a study area during the exam period of December. The enthusiastic students immediately took the initiative to decorate the majestic room in the Bruges Salons of Garenmarkt. "We even decided to put up our Christmas tree in there and now we can all say that it's the coziest and nicest place to study", says resident Dimiter ARSOV.

"A common room where all the Garenmates of the Vogel-Polsky Promotion can meet, is greatly missed in the residence. With this initiative, we want to show that we are good keepers of the Winston Churchill Room. As a matter of fact, we would love to have access to it more often during the academic year. We are, of course, very grateful and would like to thank the CoE for opening up the space to us." The Sir Winston Churchill Room was officially inaugurated on 28 September 2017. 

Churchill Room



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