POL Study Trip 2022

Last week, the POL study trip took place. Students from the POL department had the chance to visit a few places in Belgium. Here is a sum up of the activities for this year:

Monday 14 February

  • Bruges Kick-off conference: “A view from the inside: Lessons and perspectives on the EU by Jim Cloos”
  • Avant-première - Saison 2 de la série “Parlement” Présentation par deux co-auteurs Maxime Calligaro et Pierre Dorac. Screening of 2 episodes and a Q&A with Maxime Calligaro and Pierre Dorac

Tuesday 15 February – Visit of Ghent

  • Boat and Walking Tour
  •  Gents Universiteitsmuseum
  •  Visit of the GUM and the Botanical Gardens

Wednesday 16 February – Visit of Antwerp

  • Visit of MAS
  • Visit Red Star Line Museum
  • Visit of Chocolate Nation Museum
  • Visit  of De Koninck Antwerp City Brewery

Thursday 17 February – Visit of Brussels

  •  Visit the Parlamentarium and Hemicycle
  • ‘Meet the experts’ at the Université Libre de Bruxelles
    • Session ‘Reporting the EU’
    • Session ‘EU Digital Policy – AI and Cyber Security’
    • Session ‘EU external energy policy, energy security and decarbonisation’ organised by the Energy and Climate Chair
    • Session ‘EMU Governance’
    • Session ‘the CAP and the Green Deal’
  • Networking Event Place du Luxembourg