Statement - 16 February 2024

Since 2021, the College of Europe has adopted, also thanks to the input of students, a revised Code of Conduct that guarantees transparent and rigorous procedures to ensure that each member of the College of Europe community feels safe and respected. These procedures have been implemented in the most meticulous and rigorous manner since their adoption and will continue to be in all their parts.

The aim of our Code is to uphold a zero-tolerance policy for any acts against the dignity and integrity of each member of the College community (whether in the form of discrimination, bullying, harassment, violence, stalking or sexual misconduct). The Code of Conduct is revised annually based on the learnings of the previous years. Since September 2023, the College of Europe also adopted an anonymous bystander mechanism.

Currently, one formal procedure under the Code of Conduct is ongoing. It is handled in accordance with the above-mentioned procedures. All personal data will be kept confidential during and after the end of the proceeding.