Bernd Meyring is a European competition lawyer, advising international corporates, banks and institutions on all areas of competition law, principally merger control and anti-cartel proceedings before the European Commission and the German competition authority (Bundeskartellamt), as well as unilateral conduct and state aid matters. He has acted in a wide range of competition regulators in and outside Europe and conducted proceedings in English, French, German and Dutch.  He has extensive experiences representing companies and institutions in the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union, with a focus on European competition law, free movement, access to documents, emission trading and financial regulation.

He is the managing partner at Linklaters Belgium and the president of the College of Europe’s Global Competition Law Centre. Before his appointment at the College of Europe he lectured at the University of Strasbourg and at the University of Frankfurt/Main. 

Bernd Meyring holds a PhD (Humboldt University of Berlin), an LLM (College of Europe) and an M.P.A. (Ecole Nationale d’Administration). 

Main Publications

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  • “Recent Enforcement Trends in EU Competition Law”, Today’s General Counsel, 11/2014
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