College of Europe's team wins the All-European Final of the European Law Moot Court Competition

After qualifying for the All-European Final of this year’s edition of the ELMC Competition, the representative of the College of Europe’s team, Philippe THILL, has won the award of the Best Advocate General of the competition. The final took place last Friday, 28th March, at the grande salle d’audience at the Court of Justice, where he pleaded in front of 10 Judges and Advocate Generals of the Court.

As for the rest of the team, they made an astonishing performance during one of the regional finals earlier in February, held at Comenius University (Bratislava). The College of Europe team made it to the final of the Regional Final, where they pleaded in the role of applicant against the team from the University of Michigan.

Congratulations to Philippe THILL, Christian GROBEKCER, Liana SANDULESCU and Rostislav VARBANOV and to their coaches Marta ANDRES and Svetlana CHOBANOVA.