The Trade Policy of the European Union


The European Union is the world’s largest trading entity and donor of official development aid, and its Common Commercial Policy is one of the oldest and most integrated common policies. This accessible textbook for students of EU studies and other interested readers provides the first comprehensive assessment of EU trade policy, its relationship to other policies, and of the EU’s multilevel policy-making and international bargaining in this area. The pluridisciplinary book provides an introduction to the milestones in the legal development of the Common Commercial Policy, a detailed analysis of the different actors and processes in this field, an overview of major political economy perspectives, an assessment of the EU’s role in the World Trade Organization, as well as a discussion of the intersection of EU trade and development policies and other challenges.

Technical info: 
Sieglinde Gstöhl & Dirk De Bièvre, Basingstoke, Palgrave, 242p, 2018.