MA in European Transformation and Integration (offered in Tirana, Albania)

The European Transformation and Integration programme is open to students of any nationality coming from a variety of disciplines as long as they fulfil the general academic requirements of the College. The programme aims to attract students with a background in political, economic and social sciences, who are interested in approaching questions surrounding the transformation and integration of Europe from an interdisciplinary perspective, but graduates from other academic or professional backgrounds who demonstrate a high academic level and a keen interest in EU affairs and/or Southeastern European studies are also encouraged to apply.

Students who do not come from a social science background and/or have only a limited understanding of disciplines such as EU Studies, Political Science, International Relations and Economics are expected to obtain familiarity with these subjects through the tailor-made introductory courses before the start of the academic year. The introductory courses are obligatory for students with a conditional admission and highly recommended to all others.