Bruges students visit the Natolin Campus

On Friday 18 March 2022, Natolin played host to a visit by students from the College of Europe in Bruges.

The arriving students were first greeted by their Natolin colleagues at a tea/coffee reception in the Retinger common space. Later, the students were issued a formal welcome by Vice-Rector Ewa OŚNIECKA-TAMECKA in the Natolin Palace, during which the new arrivals and their hosts were able to mingle over good wine and finger-food.

The evening saw the events of the Natolin Italian National Day play out – live music, wine tasting, an Italian hand-gestures workshops, and interventions from both the Italian Ambassador to Poland, H.E Aldo AMATI, and the Rector of the College of Europe, Ms Federica MOGHERINI.

Saturday saw a mixture of staff- and student-led activities intended to benefit the students’ visit – including a walking tour of the College park and Palace in the morning, followed by a football game between both campuses (shelved at the Bruges students’ request), a walking tour of Warsaw city centre, and evening social events orchestrated by the Natolin students.

On Sunday, all students were invited to a barbecue event on-campus in the warm Natolin sun, which offered the students a final opportunity to interact before the conclusion of the weekend’s events. A bus for Modlin airport departed from the campus with the majority of the Bruges students onboard at 4.30pm, bringing the weekend’s activities to a close.


Bruges-Natolin student exchange (17-21/03)