Celebrating Alumni Reunions at the College of Europe in Natolin

During the academic year 2023/2024, the College of Europe in Natolin had the pleasure of hosting three significant alumni reunions, each marked by beautiful memories. These gatherings served as a testament to the long-lasting connections forged during the time at Natolin.

Taking place on 9 September 2023, the first reunion of the year was for the Bertha von Suttner Promotion, bringing together graduates from 25 years ago. Alumni reminisced about their academic journey on campus and celebrated their diverse achievements since leaving the College. The day included a photo session, a networking event with the current students, and a delightful dinner.

The "5 Years After" reunion of the Simone Veil Promotion took place on 7 October 2023. The alumni shared stories of academic and social life, late-night study sessions, and vibrant discussions in the corridors and common areas. This event also featured a networking session with current students and a dinner that provided a perfect setting for reconnecting and sharing experiences.

Lastly, on 11 May 2024, the Manuel Marín Promotion met five years after their graduation. This reunion was characterized by enthusiasm and memories of their time at Natolin. The reunion day was enriched with photo opportunities, while a networking session allowed the alumni and the students of the Madeleine Albright Promotion to meet and exchange experiences. The day concluded with a lively dinner.

Each alumni reunion showcased our graduates' continued commitment to the values they learned at the College. The shared memories and reflections highlighted the strong sense of community and the lasting impact of their time at Natolin.


Celebrating Alumni Reunions at the College of Europe in Natolin