Climate Fresk Workshop

On 22 April 2023, the College of Europe in Natolin hosted the second annual Climate Fresk workshop in honor of Earth Day. The workshop aimed to educate and inspire students to take action on climate change and was well-received by attendees.

Climate Fresk is an interactive tool designed to make climate action more accessible and engaging by breaking down complex climate science into simple and interactive games and activities. The workshop at the College of Europe in Natolin featured a range of activities and discussions focused on reducing carbon emissions in areas such as energy, transport, food, and waste.

"The Climate Fresk workshop was a great opportunity for us to learn more about the impact of climate change and how we can take practical steps to reduce our carbon footprint", said one student attendee. "I'm grateful to the College of Europe in Natolin for hosting this workshop and providing us with the tools we need to make a positive difference."

This workshop took place as part of the Professional Development Programme carried out by the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office in Natolin, a cycle of seminars, training, and workshops oriented to developing skills and practical tools for the students to face the world of work. The College of Europe in Natolin is committed to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness among its students and staff. The Climate Fresk workshop is just one of many initiatives the College has undertaken to support these goals.