24 fév 2023

Conference: "Searching for a New Form of Solidarity"

A partir de 16:30 till 18:30
Auditorium Copernicus
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

On 24 February 2023, the Natolin Academy of Migration Nest and the European Civilisation Chair organized the conference "Searching for a New Form of Solidarity" in the Auditorium Copernicus at the College of Europe in Natolin.

A year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the conference aimed to reflect on the new forms of solidarity that rose around the EU to assist the incoming refugees. Since the beginning of the invasion, EU institutions, national governments, and civil society have shown unprecedented unity in assisting refugees coming to the European Union.

For more than a year, civil society has mobilised to guarantee assistance and protection to Ukrainian refugees, displaying day-by-day new forms of solidarity. However, one year after the beginning of the war, the needs of the refugees changed. Therefore, during the conference it was discussed how this new concept changed over time in the EU and (in particular) in Poland.

Coexistence between Poles and Ukrainians has created new challenges and opportunities in the long run. New sustainable and durable solutions are strongly needed, such as vocational training programs, self-reliance grant schemes, integration plans, and voluntary repatriation. Therefore, during the conference the participants exchanged on different projects and approaches implemented by Polish authorities, NGOs, and international organizations currently dealing with the integration process.


16:30 Welcoming Address by Dr Patrycja SASNAL (Mentor, Natolin Academy of Migration, College of Europe in Natolin)

16:40 Introductory Remarks by Prof. Georges MINK (Chairholder, European Civilisation Chair, College of Europe in Natolin)

16:50 Dr Iwona REICHARDT (Deputy Editor-in-Chief, New Eastern Europe)

17:10 Q&A Moderator: Ms Lavinia PRETTO, Student, College of Europe in Natolin

17:20 Coffee break

17:35 – 18:10 Panel discussion. Speakers:

  • Mr Mateusz KRĘPA (Center of Migration Research, Warsaw University)
  • Ms Weronika CZYŻEWSKA-PONCYLJUSZ (European Civilisation Chair, College of Europe in Natolin)

18:10 – 18:30 Q&A Moderator: Ms Lavinia PRETTO, Student, College of Europe in Natolin


24.02.2023 - Natolin Ukraine-focused Conference: "Searching for a New Form of Solidarity"
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