09 fév 2024

EPSO Competition Preparatory Workshop with Mr Lieven TACK

A partir de 09/02 14:00 till 11/02 13:00
Paderewski Hall
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

On the 9-11 February 2024, Natolin students had the opportunity to participate in a series of EPSO Competition Preparatory Workshops, run by Mr Lieven TACK from Calipa Coaching, to familiarise themselves with the EPSO Competition tests.

As the workshop series has run for several successful years, they help students to pursue their careers in EU Institutions. Students learn everything about the EU’s selection process across four sessions, covering:

  • Part 1: Overview of EU careers and the EPSO application process
  • Part 2: New Competency Framework and reasoning skills tests
  • Part 3: Talent screener and assessment centre tests
  • Part 4: EPSO interviews and individualised simulation test
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