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Promotion Anna POLITKOVSKAYA & Hrant DINK, 2007-2008

Master en Études européennes interdisciplinaires

Journaliste en droit de la concurrence

Policy and Regulatory Report (Mergermarket Group), Brussels


I have been working in media for more than ten years. I started as a reporter for a local daily newspaper while I was studying for my Master's in Journalism at Milan's IULM University. I worked for local and national newspapers, as well as for an international newswire. My first professional experience abroad was a traineeship at the press office of the Italian embassy in Sofia (Bulgaria), after which I decided to apply for the College. After the College I spent three years working in Public Relations in Milan and Brussels, with a half-year stint as a press officer at the European Commission. I went back to reporting full time in 2012, for a global publication where I cover antitrust and regulatory developments from Brussels.


The College broadened my career options, starting from the geographic dimension. Suddenly, my horizon expanded well beyond my country's borders. Acquiring knowledge of a number of EU policy areas allowed me to stand out among the packed crowd of generalist reporters and break into a more specialized form of journalism - which I find stimulating and rewarding. Perhaps the most valuable legacy of the College remains its strong network, which is of invaluable support to my everyday job. Which, by the way, I found through an advertisement on the College alumni mailing list!

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