Joint event of the Natolin Political Society and Lingua Natolina

On Tuesday, 23 March 2021, Lingua Natolina, and the Natolin Political Society, held a short student-led colloquium on non-conformity in European Affairs. The event was organised by Mr Luis MALHADINHAS and Mr Kevin LE MERLE.

The topics discussed ranged from the role of political imaginaries to lead Europe forward, to the increasingly radical role of principles of international law. Talented students from University of Oxford and the College of Europe in Natolin presented their original and cutting-edge research. Subsequent discussions created synergies between political science and legal inquiry, hence demonstrating the benefits of interdisciplinary debates.

Please find below a short description of the articles presented by the authors of Lingua Natolina:

Mr Antoine GRANIER

"Serbia: a Return of the NonAlignment Policy?"

The article argues that Serbia's close ties with Russia are drifting away Belgrade from the prospect of an EU membership. It raises the question of Serbia's consistent non-alignment policy towards the EU, notably in relation to the EU's economic sanctions towards Russia.

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'Horatius, Epistolarum liber prior, XI'

The author shared with the audience a commentary on Letter XI of Horatius' Epistulae. He argued that Horatius' invitation of being content of what is given to us and making the most of our interiority and of the majestic means our minds are equipped with, is an essential exercise considering the world we are living in today, with limited possibilities and freedom of movement. 


'Competition law in the pharmaceutical industry: pay for delay cases and killer acquisitions'

The article deepens the issue of anti-competitive behaviour in the pharmaceutical industry and investigates weather drug makers are conforming with the law. The article focuses on rising number of "pay for delay" agreements as part of patent litigation settlement agreements between brand names and generic pharmaceutical companies, arguing that this practice might have a negative impact on national healthcare systems.

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Ms Emeline OGEREAU

'30 Year Anniversary of German Reunification: Are East and West Finally United?' 

The article seeks to expose the new challenges of German reunification by analysing the differences of the former Western and Eastern Germany. The article reflects if, on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, citizens' expectations on the reunification of the country have been met.  A special focus is dedicated on Eastern Germany memory.

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Mr Giovanni PENNA

'Lessons from Rojava: How a Nonconformist Imaginary Can Save Europe'

The author's work discusses the nonconformist potentialities of libertarian municipalism and the opportunities opened up by Rojava's democratic confederalism for progressive politics in an increasingly multicultural Europe. It reflects on the meaning of crisis, viewing it as a moment to imagine new forms of politics and reclaim democracy at a local level.

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