Natolin students on Warsaw city-tours

Last weekend (5-6 September 2020), the students of the College of Europe in Natolin followed four guided Warsaw tours. It was an exceptional occasion for the Soares Promotion to deepen their knowledge on Warsaw's history and Polish culture, as well as gathering some tips on what to do and see in the capital.


Natolin students could participate in one of the four trips:

  1. Whirlwind thru city  A walk across the main district of Warsaw, showing different parts of the city's history, from the Warsaw settlement, to the era of Kings, World War II and the communist regime. 
  2. Old and New Town  A walk around the oldest parts of the city and its beautiful sights with some surprising information. A journey to the past and a story about a town that rose from the ashes like Phoenix.  
  3. Southern Śródmieście  A walk showing the city centre part where many pre-war buildings and sections are still well preserved.  In the same distrcit, there are also the busiest streets in Warsaw. 
  4. Praga  A walk around a very interesting part of the city – a district where a lot of the pre-war architecture was preserved, a vibrant place where the old houses and cross cultural stories meet the new and popular pubs, places and museums.