Online Brazil-Portugal National Day at Natolin

The online Brazil-Portugal National Day took place on Thursday, 9 April 2020. Despite having to cancel a set of activities planned for the occasion, the organisers still found it worth sharing with their colleagues at least a little bit about one of the most amazing aspects shared by both Brazil and Portugal: the Portuguese language.  

And for that they printed a number of posters with common expressions in Portuguese which not only adorned the halls of Retinger and Włodkowic residences, but at the same time encouraged all those who were curious to know what they meant to ask their Portuguese-speaking colleagues about it.

Additionally, students were also given the opportunity to learn a bit more about Easter by doing some printed activities following the adventures of the characters from Turma da Mônica, a very popular comic book series in both countries.

All in all, the adapted Brazil-Portugal National Day was, just like all the other National Days, a way of trying to add to the already strong, resilient Natolin community.