Training on basic reporting and storytelling by Ms Emma LACEY-BORDEAUX, D.C. Editor and the Row at CNN

On Wednesday, 20 November 2019, the Natolin Communications Platform invited Ms Emma LACEY-BORDEAUX, D.C. Editor, The Row at CNN, to deliver an exclusive training on basic reporting and storytelling for the students of Natolin.

Ms LACEY-BORDEAUX started with a short presentation on practical approaches to the topic, with reference to her own experience in covering television stories, and answered participants’ questions very openly. The remaining time was dedicated to practical tasks with the use of a camera.

The students recorded their own public statements and ‘live reports’ on a variety of topics ranging from political, historical and social issues to the debate on Christmas lights in one of the cities. Subsequently, they received constructive feedback from Ms LACEY-BORDEAUX and fellow participants of the training.